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    【中国国际电视台】China Marine Economy: Guangdong seeing expansion of offshore wind industry

    来源:中国国际电视台 日期:2020-06-10 11:32 访问次数: 字号:[ ]

    China Marine Economy: Guangdong seeing expansion of offshore wind industry


    Guangdong is already one of China's economic power-houses in the south. As the province expands, so does its need for energy. Authorities hope offshore wind can provide a clean alternative. But development comes with some environmental concerns. Omar Khan has more.


    Measuring offshore wind speeds, and generating electricity. These are some of the regular tasks for Lu Qinxian, an engineer and the vice project manager of an offshore wind farm in southern China's city of Zhuhai. At sea, a new wind turbine is in its final stage of installation.


    三分彩注册By the end of this year, 55 wind turbines are expected to be completed, making this project the largest offshore wind farm in the entire Greater Bay Area.


    三分彩注册LU QINXIAN Vice Project Manager Jinwan Offshore Wind Farm EPC Project "The farm will generate more than 800 million kilowatt hours electricity every year. That's enough electricity to power 230,000 households. The best part is that offshore wind energy is clean. Getting that same rate from fossil fuels would release 460,000 tons of carbon dioxide, which in order to offset, would require the planting of 250,000 trees to absorb those emissions."


    With the opportunity to push for greener development, China is supporting the expansion of the offshore wind industry.


    Despite most industries suffering from the COVID-19 outbreak, Guangdong's wind turbine output saw a near 160-percent increase year-on-year in the first quarter of the year. Guangdong plans to build 23 offshore wind farms by 2030, with a combined capacity of nearly 67 million kilowatts. This could bring sizeable economic benefits.


    三分彩注册PEI AIGUO Chief Engineer, Vice President Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute, CEEC "Such capacity will bring investments of an estimated 1.2 trillion yuan. The offshore wind industry can be a big driver of economic growth and the development of related industries like high-end equipment manufacturing. The marine industry is an integral part, allowing for other sectors to complement each other."


    Despite the potential benefits, there are concerns when it comes to the construction of these sites. Some argue that marine animals and their ecosystems will be adversely impacted.


    PEI AIGUO Chief Engineer, Vice President Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute, CEEC "The installation of turbines might alter marine animals' habitats. It also induces underwater noise. But these impacts can be minimized. First in the planning stage, we must avoid natural reserves. During construction, we use noise control methods. We also use our big data lab to monitor and analyze the marine environment."


    And for someone like Lu, who knows too well of the challenges of working at sea and the importance of protecting the environment, the strict protocols give him a sense of assurance.


    三分彩注册LU QINXIAN Vice Project Manager, Jinwan Offshore Wind Farm EPC Project "I truly believe our construction needs to listen to the ocean's will. I always pray for good sea conditions, so that we can carry on with our projects. I feel we are blessed by the ocean as she gives us the opportunity to use her resources. With higher winds, we can generate more clean energy. And that is the ocean's gift."


    With CYL, Omar Khan, CGTN, Zhuhai.

    CGTN三分彩注册记者陈一麟 珠海采访报道



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